A Book You
Can Judge By
Its Iconic Cover!

four weddings 
no funerals 
romantic comedy 
with a powerful message 
of true love 

at its very best 

global culture 
is the nu now 

be inspired by 
the people's princess 
of China 


occasionally gets to
rub shoulders

with the wonders of 
true elegance 
natural beauty
and poise 


in May of 2018
romantic comedy sent a beautiful rookie journalist from China's largest daily newspaper, to cover Prince Harry's royal wedding to the stunning Meghan Markle 

but, the assistant editor of the China Daily News has misheard the word "royal", and accidentally sends her beautiful journalist to Boyle in County Roscommon, Ireland 

by an appalling coincidence, Harry O'Toole, a local Irish-American heart-throb, is on the point of being duped into a shot-gun wedding 

how does it happen, and

how will everyone save their jobs, when a series of totally normal mishaps, leads to the China Daily News accidentally reporting to the whole of China, that Britain's Prince Harry has just married one of China's most beautiful daughters?


the awe-inspiring 
People’s Princess
of China 
deserves pride of place 
on the book-shelves 
and pedestals 
of diversity 
and social media 

time spent 
in the enchanting company 
of the
People's Princess of China 
is an uplifting experience 
for anyone blessed by 
the supernatural protective
power of her
delightful acquaintance 

say YES
to a timeless


You'll Love It!

When I got into reading this book, I couldn't help but feel pleased as I laughed along with the story. The plot is so well thought out and has some incredible character development. Readers will instantly become attached to some of the characters because their personalities are so much fun. The book is written in a way that is fast-paced, which makes it really easy to read. I'd highly recommend it. 

Characters to Know and Love!                  

A delightful rollercoaster of star-crossed romance and well-intended, hilariously intertwined, global calamity mismanagement. Pure fun, a perfect blend of joy, comedy, glamour, with plenty of larger than life situations in the mix. The comedy is enhanced by it all being completely logical and relatable, given the lovable cast of characters involved. Please make the movie, I miss them already!


This is a really fun book to read plus the comedy romance setup is absolutely worth it!! The writing style is quite different, as it is more like a screenplay type of book that may be quite unusual to some readers who are not familiar with this style of storytelling. Nonetheless, I absolutely enjoyed the humor and romance combined.  Will surely read this again in the near future!

A Movie in a Book! 

The People’s Princess of China is an Asian American literary type of book. It felt like a rom-com movie, so for those rom-com movie fans out there, you will probably enjoy giving the TV a break and giving this book a try. Just as entertaining in my opinion.

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